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38 honshu

This amazing postcard has travelled long way from the Japanese island Honshu. It is not the first card from the island, but there are so many interesting areas there, and Tomoko, who sent the card, was happy to introduce her prefecture and city.

The Kyoto prefecture is located in the Kinki region, in the middle-west Honshu. It has about 2,600,000 inhabitants, and it's capital is Kyoto, beautiful city famous for its many historical places and traditional customs. Tomoko lives in the city of Kyotanabe, which is located in the southern part of the prefecture and has a border with Osaka and Nara prefectures. Special product of the area is green tea, and if you are interested in history, it's worth to visit the Ikkyuji Temple, where the famous 15th century priest Ikkyu, a well known humorist, spent his last years.

On the postcard picture you can see the Phoenix Hall of the Byōdō-in temple in Uji city (with two phoenixes on the rooftop), which can be also found on the Japanese 10yen coins!

Thank you so much Tomoko, for sharing all those information, and for putting so much effort into preparing this beautiful card for me! The stamps are amazing, and there is also a lovely drawn map, where you can see all those places described in the card.


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source: Phil Holken
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  1. Świetna kartka dla wielbicieli Japonii :) Chciałabym mieć taką w swojej kolekcji!



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