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37 martinique

This beautiful card was sent by Zosia, who currently studies on the exotic Caribbean island - Martinique.

It is an overseas region of France, and as it says on the postcard - you can get there baguettes and feel as if you were in France, but on the other hand everything is very different. There are tropical forests, warm sea and sandy beaches (white in the south, and black in the north!) And also the Mont Pelee volcano, highest point on the island (1,397 metres), which Zosia has recently climbed!

The culture of Martinique is a mixture of French and Caribbean influences. One of the island's cities, Saint-Pierre (destroyed by a volcanic eruption), was even referred to as the "Paris of the Lesser Antilles" - as you may have noticed this is not the first place with this kind of name :) To read more about the island, visit this page.

Thank you so much Zosia for sending this card! :)

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  1. Szkoda, że Martynika nie wydaje własnych znaczków, a korzysta z poczty francuskiej. Ostatni znaczek z napisem Martinique Postes został wydany w 1947 r.

    1. Wczoraj byłam akurat w muzeum znaczków, i właśnie oglądałam te z Martyniki, z takim samym żalem!

  2. Również ubolewam nad tym, że nie ma osobnych znaczków. Swoją drogą rzadko kiedy widuję inne znaczki francuskie niż własnie te (tylko w różnych odcieniach). Widok na pocztówce bardzo ładny, chyba mogłabym jechać tam na urlop :p



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