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36 baranof island

Its name is Baranof island, but sometimes it can be also called Baranov, Shee or Sitka Island. Located in Alaska, it's the smallest of so called ABC islands (Admiralty, Baranof, and Chichagof) in the Alexander Archipelago.

Suzan, who sent this card, lives in Sitka, a town facing the Pacific Ocean, but as she wrote there are two more communities on the island. There are no roads between them, so float planes and boats are the only transportation on the island. Suzan added also that "Sitka is a culturally creative community, there is art, Native Alaskan culture, and lots of other celebrations". There is a cultural fusion of the Native Tlingit and Russian American influences. Interestingly, the town was even called "Paris of the Pacific", when it was the capitol of Russian America during the 1800's and center of high society culture. Thank you so much Suzan for sending this card and telling a bit about the island! :)

Have a look here to learn more about the Sitka community on the Baranof island.

map source: wikipedia

baranof island

Alexander Archipelago, AK
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  1. I like the landscape on your postcard :)
    It would be great to get there!

    1. I agree, I am a big fan of such northern sceneries! :)



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