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31 lidingö

Even though is says 'Stockholm', this next card was actually sent from a different place - Lidingö.

Lidingö island is located just next to the Stockholm's centrum and you can easily reach it if you travel to the end of red metro line - Ropsten, and then change for a lovely, old blue tram - Lidingöbanan (which is unfortunately closed until march 2015 due to modernisation works). Of course you can also just take a bus, or walk across the bridge. I visited the island a few times when I lived in Stockholm, it was full of beautiful houses, and perfect for a walk by the water. One of the places worth visiting on the island is also Millesgården, an art museum and sculpture garden.

I really miss my visits to Lidingö! Thank you Michał for sending this card and bringing back some really nice memories :)

map source: wikipedia


in the Stockholm archipelago
over 31,000
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source: Leif Spångberg
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