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30 texel

This next, super cute postcard has come from Texel, one of the West Frisian islands in Wadden Sea.

Until the seventeenth century Texel consisted actually of two islands - Texel and Eierland. Today it forms the largest natural barrier between the North Sea and the Wadden Sea. Belinda, who lives on the island, sent us a 'big kiss from Texel', together with a picture of the famous Texel sheep. Those sheep originate from this islands, but now they have become one of the dominant breeds in Europe. They have distinctive, short white faces, with a black nose and also unlike many breeds, they have no wool on their heads or legs.

Thank you so much for sending this lovely card Belinda! And as usual, have a look here for some super beautiful photos from Texel!

Source: Wikipedia


the Netherlands
in the Wadden sea
over 13,000
postcard sent
postcard received
distance travelled
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Den Burg

source: Alias 0591
source: Peter Gol


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