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32 são miguel

The next island is a part of the Portuguese archipelago of Azores. São Miguel Island, located just in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, is often called "The Green Island", which is not very surprising - just have a quick look at the postcard ;) It is also the largest island of the archipelago.

Any tea lovers (just as myself) might be interested to know, that the island is home the only two tea plantations in Europe used for commercial purposes. There is also a museum, preserving the memories of tea production in the Azores. And of course you can taste several tea varietes there!

Even the post stamp is all green, showing the lovely Botanical Garden of the University of Coimbra. If you look closely, you can see that there is also a map of the world in the back of the card, with both Portugal and the Azores marked on it. Thank you so much Sergio for sending this card from your beautiful island!

são miguel

in the Atlantic Ocean
over 140,000
biggest town
Ponta Delgada
postcard sent
postcard received
distance travelled
sent from
Ponta Delgada

Read more about the island.

source: Pedro Correia
source: Pedro Correia


  1. Jaka zielona pocztówka, aż chce się wiosny :)

    1. u Ciebie widziałam, że też ostatnio zielono! :)

  2. As I told in the e-mail, I enjoy reading your blog (maybe because I'm always thinking of travelling!), and I think I've read almost all the posts so far. So I hope you continue receiving islands!

    I confess that some of our latest travels have been more or less inspired by postcards :D
    So I like to see so many places I would like to visit one day, and also to check that I have already visited islands like São Miguel and Hiiumaa. Postcards also bring nice memories. I spent just a week in São Miguel, in 2012. And I wouldn't mind to spend some more time there!

    1. That's great to hear, for me this project is also as kind of a 'travel guide' and a big inspiration for my next holidays :)
      And I really hope this list of postcards will soon turn into my visited-islands list!

      São Miguel seems like a really lovely place, so hopefully you'll go back there and have even more great memories!



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