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29 prince edward island

We're still in Canada! This next card with a lovely map shows the Prince Edward Island.

For me it seems especially familiar, because when I was younger I read all the books about Anne of Green Gables, and the author - Lucy Maud Montgomery was not only from the Prince Edward Island, but she also made it the scenery for her stories. Michele, who sent the card, showed us also some more contemporary figures from the island, you can see them all on the stamps - two famous hockey players and a singer - K.D. Lang. Thank you so much for this card!

If you want to know more, have a look here and read about a visit to the island in search of its most famous literary character!

I also got some news from Michele today, that it has just started snowing on the island, brr!

Prince Edward Island

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source: Smulan77
source: Francisco Diez


  1. Nice stamps :)

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  2. Piękna mapka na pocztówce:)



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