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25 walcheren

This postcard is from Hélène who lives on Walcheren, which actually is no longer an island.

Together with Noord-Beveland and Zuid-Beveland in now forms the Midden-Zeeland peninsula. It is a neighbour of the Schouwen-Duiveland island, that was described in the previous post. Hélène lives in the biggest town there - Middelburg, which is also full of historical buildings. Other interesting places include Vlissingen - a harbour town, Stormvloedkerin - storm surge barrier designed to protect the towns from floods and many other small villages that are marked on this postcard.

Even though today it is a peninsula, I think it is interesting to include it in my project, it used to be an island for a long time, and I guess you can still get this 'island feeling' while being there. There are also many old maps, showing how all the islands used to be separated. Thank you Hélène for sending this card!


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