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24 schouwen-duiveland

Next one is a card from Schouwen-Duiveland, an island in the south-west of Netherlands. There are two bigger cities on the island, 15 villages and 12 neighbourhoods, and you can reach the island over two dams and two bridges. It' famous for the local specialty - mussels, if you would like to try them it's best to visit Zierikzee and Bruinzee, as there are many mussel-fishers in those towns. Huub, who sent this card lives in Zierikzee - the capital, which is a historic city with many monuments.

On the stamps you can see the lighthouse in Nieuw-Haamstede, located in the western end of the island. Thank you Huub for sending this postcard and for all the information about the island! :)

If you would like to go there, here you can find some useful information.


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source: Henk Kosters
source: Henk Kosters


  1. Interesująca pocztówka:)
    Lubie mapy na kartach pocztowych, z Holandii mam kilka pocztówek tego rodzaju.



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