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We're back to Europe. This island is located in Ireland, in County Galway. (There is also another smaller island with the same name in County Donegal).

Interesting is the island's name - it is derived from the Irish "Inis Bó Finne" meaning 'Island of the White Cow'. There are also several legends concerning the origins of the island's name. According to one of them, "the island was a floating, insubstantial place until some fishermen landed on it in a fog. By bringing fire onto the island, they dispelled the magic, fixing it in place. They then saw an old woman driving a white cow, which turned into a rock when the woman struck it with a stick".

Big thanks to Sue, who has also sent the Guernsey card, and now was so kind to send this one while visiting Ireland.

Read more about what to see and do on this green, peaceful island.


off the coast of Connemara
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