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16 aix island

This one is a really tiny island located in Charente-Maritime department by the French coast, a neighbour to the Oleron island that we've already seen. It has less than 250 inhabitants, is accessible by ferry from Fouras the whole year, and during summer there are also boats from La Rochelle and Oleron island. Cars are not allowed on the island, but since it is so small it is easy to get everywhere on foot - you can see the whole island in only two hours. Thank you Karine for sending another card from your region :)!

The island was visited by Napoleon in 1808, and it was also where he spent his last days in France (July 12th to 15th, 1815) just before being exiled to the island of St. Helena.

Look here for more details and pictures of the island!


between Oleron island and the coast of France
postcard sent
postcard received
distance travelled

source: jacqueline poggi
source: Alain


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