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17 värmdö

This postcard is quite surprising - it was sent from the biggest island in Stockholm archipelago, yet it does not show any typical 'big city view'.

Värmdö island is close to the Stockholm's centre, connected with the city by a bridge. I stayed there for a few days this summer with my friends - who now were so kind to send me this postcard :) While exploring the island, they came accross a farm where you can buy local products, sit by a lake, breath in some fresh air, and even see some animals, just like those goats in the picture.

The island is perfect for escaping the city a bit (but not too far). And if you want something more than nature, you can also visit an art gallery there - Artipelag.


in the Stockholm Archipelago
~40,000 in Värmdö municipality
postcard sent
postcard received
distance travelled

source: me
source: Benjamin Horn


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