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11 kyushu

The next postcard is from Miho, who lives on the third largest island of Japan - Kyushu. She wrote that her city, Nagasaki, is famous for fresh fish (and thanks to that - for delicious sushi) and dishes like Champon or Kakuni. The city has also many spas (called Onsen), which you can see in the right picture below the postcard. Kyushu island consists of seven prefectures, Miho recommends visiting especially the Oita and Saga.

The card shows Megami Ohashi Bridge in Nagasaki and the beautiful stamp is from the International Letter Writing Week 2014. Thank you so much Miho for this lovely card, i love how you decorated it with those cute stickers :)

Read more about the island here.


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source: Terao Kaionin
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