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09 kos

Next postcard in my collection is from Aga and Arek, who has just come back from holidays on the beautiful Greek island - Kos. This "hot and windy" island (which is how they described it) is part of The Dodecanese islands - 12 larger and 150 smaller islands in the Aegean Sea. Island's name can be first found in the Iliad, and it is also thought to be the place of birth of the ancient physician Hippocrates.

What you can actually see in this postcard is the southern side of Kos island, with the Kefalos beach and the islet of Kastri, that is just in front of it. On this tiny rocky islet you can find some remains of an old castle and a blue and white chapel dedicated to Saint Nicolas - protector of sailormen.

Read more abouth the Island of Kos here.


Aegean Sea, ~4km from Turkish coast
over 33,000
main town
postcard sent
postcard received
distance travelled

source: Anna & Michal
source: Eric Borda


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