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05 hiiumaa

This next postcard is from the second largest island in Estonia - Hiiumaa. It was sent by Siire, who also added that her country has 1521 islands! (most of them are too small to have a postbox, but that is still a few more postcards to collect ;))

Especially interesting is the island's name: Hiiumaa in Estonian, Dagö (day island) in Swedish and Hiidenmaa (demon hiisi's land) in Finnish. Hiiumaa is also one of the oldest islands on our planet, as it was formed about 455 million years ago after a meteorite explosion.

Read more about the island.

We can see here Tahkuna lighthouse, Restored manor mill in Kassari and thin spit of Sääretirp in Kassari. I must also say I love the stamp - showing traditional clothes from mid-19th century's Vigala Parish.
Thank you Siire for this beautiful card!


in the Baltic Sean
over 8,000
989 km2
biggest town
postcard sent
postcard received
distance travelled
sent from
Vahtrepa Küla

source: motozone69
source: Kadri Uuk


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