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148 yakushima

We're back to Japan! This next card comes from a small island in the south of Japanese archipelago. It was sent by Tia, who also contributed with cards from Amami and a couple of more neighbouring islands.

Since 1999 the island is a World Natural Heritage Site. I think the postcard represents the islands quite well, if you google its name, most of the pictures show incredibly green forests. These are old cedar forests, where you can see some of Japan's oldest living trees (some may be ever 7000 years old!). Trees that are more than 1000 years old are called yakusugi (combination of island's name Yakushima and sugi, the Japanese word for cedar). The beautiful forests were inspiration many movies, including the forest setting in Hayao Miyazaki's film Princess Mononoke. The island is mountaneous and has a subtropical climate, which makes it also an especially rainy place. Local saying even claims that it rains "35 days a month". :)

Thank you so much (again!) Tia! :).

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source: Carlos Dondreris
source: Carlos Donderis


  1. Każda pocztówka z Japonii jest mile widziana w mojej kolekcji, bo zawsze mogę dowiedzieć się czegoś więcej o tym kraju :)



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