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147 goudier island

The first thing I found in my mailbox this year, was this beautiful card from Antarctica.

It was sent from Port Lockroy Post Office, which is located on the tiny Goudier Island. Half of the island is open to visitors, while the other half is home to gentoo penguins. Nowadays Port Lockroy is one of the busiest spots in Antarctica, since 1996 it is open to visitors during the Antarctic summer, and there are around 18,000 people coming each year - to visit the museum, watch the penguings, and of course - to send postcards! Each year there are around 70,000 pieces of mail sent from Port Lockroy, and that's why each season a team of four enthusiastic staff is recruited to help in the Post Office. (You can apply too :)!)

You can read more about the daily life in Port Lockroy here on their blog. As they wrote on the card, the weather in the end of December was not the best, with blizzards and ice in the bay, but fortunately their recent blog posts show that it's better now!
map source

goudier island

in the Palmer Archipelago
postcard sent
postcard received
distance travelled
sent from
Port Lockroy

Big thanks to the Port Lockroy team for sending this card! (You can get one too, making a small donation to the UK Antarctic Heritage Trust).

source: Liam Quinn
source: Christopher Michel


  1. I bet there are penguins on every stamp! ;)
    Working in a post office in the Antarctica? I must consider that...

  2. Również mam pocztówkę z Antarktydy do której mam wielką słabość :) Twoja także jest przepiękna! W ogóle te owiane zimową aurą kartki są idealne w większości przypadków. Chętnie bym się wybrała w jakiś mroźny rejon, np. Syberię, Grenlandię, północną Skandynawię albo Antarktydę :)



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