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105 bornholm

Just as I've promised, we'll now have a closer look at Bornholm, where both this and the previous card were sent from.

First names of the island were Borgundarholm in Old Norse and Borghand in ancient Danish, which are related to Old Norse words for height (borg) and mountain (berg). The island indeed rises relatively high from the sea. The highest point is Rytterknægten and If you stand on top of the tower Kongemindet there, you will be 180 metres above sea, which is higher than any other place in Denmark. Other names of the island include "The Pearl of the Baltic Sea", as you can see on the card, and "the sunshine island", since it has more sunshine hours than the rest of Denmark. You can actually see on the card, that the map of rest of Denmark is all covered in rain!

Bornholm is especially popular among tourist who look for peaceful atmosphere and enjoy spending time outdoors. Just take your bike and go visit the island!


in the Baltic Sea
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Thank you Rebekka!

source: Rick Segal
source: Peter Femto


  1. Piękne map cards ostatnio pokazujesz :)

  2. gosh, my imagination goes far looking at this postcard. lovely town



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