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86 viti levu, fiji

This beautiful card has travelled over 16,000 km from the largest island in Fiji, Viti Levu.

The Republic of Fiji consists of over 300 islands, and at least 100 of them are inhabited. Viti Levu is home to about 70% of population, and Michelle who sent this card, lives in the vibrant capital city - Suva. As she wrote, her country is multi-racial and extremely beautiful. There are white sandy beaches, mountains and tropical gardens.

Especially popular is the Garden of the Sleeping Giant, a beautiful place rich in orchids, or the Orchid Island mentioned in the card. Despite its name it's not an island, but an amazing garden, "one of Suva's hidden secrets", where you can not only see the plants, but also iguanas, such as the one from the card.

The island is also perfect for those looking for adventures - just try exploring island's giant sand dunes or diving with tiger sharks!

Thank you so much Michelle for this lovely card!

viti levu

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source: Dorothy Nomad
source: Dorothy Nomad


  1. This is so cool!
    I am following your project for a while and I even feel kind of sad that the only one big island my country Latvia had we gave away to our neighbors Estonia as thanks for help in war... Estonia has a thousand island and they got even our the only one... :D
    I am wondering - how do you get to connect with those people who send you these postcards? Do you use some sites like postcrossing,couchsurfing or Facebook groups or some other way?

    Thanks for sharing each of these postcards with others!

    1. Thank you for visiting :)

      That's indeed too bad, that you gave the island to Estonia (but on the other hand, that's fascinating that islands can be used as 'gifts'!)
      And yes, you got it right, most of the kind people who contribute to my project are from postcrossing and fb groups :)

    2. That's makes me think you have good karma because I can't even imagine that I would collect my desired country postcards so fast as you do! :) I wish I could fill my list sooner: http://akwiinas.blogspot.com/p/blog-page.html
      Thanks for inspiration! :)

  2. Rewelacyjna pocztówka! I jeszcze to afro. :)



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