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85 bali

Next island in the project is Bali. It is located between islands of Java and Lombok in Indonesia. It's interesting that while Indonesia is a predominantly Muslim country, the majority of the Balinese practice Hinduism.

As you can see I got two beautiful cards, the first one was sent by Natalina from Java, she wanted to show me Bali, as it is one of the most popular destinations in Indonesia. The other one was sent by Niken, who lives on Bali. It was december, and as she wrote on the card "the rainy season has finally come to Bali, so the weather is bearable now." Also the Kuningan Day, the "Balinese big day" was coming, and streets were decorated with penjors, tall, curved bamboo poles. "If there is anything about Balinese", Niken wrote, "it's their obedience to their gods and traditions. And with all that development of lands that is happening there, let's hope that the green fields will always be preserved."

Thank you both for those lovely cards!

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  1. Pola ryżowe podobają mi się najbardziej, uwielbiam tego typu miejsca. Sama ostatnio otrzymałam pocztówkę z podobnym widokiem :)



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