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76 governors island

Governors Island is an island in Upper New York Bay, only 7 minuted by ferry from the southern tip of Manhattan. The Native Americans called the island Paggank - "nut island", probably because it's full of oak, hickory and chestnut trees. A similiar name was given by the Dutch explorer Adriaen Block, who called it Noten Eylant, which was translated into English as the Nutten Island. Later, during the British colonial era the island was reserved for the New York's royal governors, and that's where its current name comes from.

There are three historical fortifications on the island, and two of them - Fort Jay and Castle Williams (that you can see on this card), were proclaimed a National Monument in 2001.

Governors Island is open to the public on weekends during the summer and early autumn. Art installations, concerts and festivals are held there, and you can also spend your time in the park, picnicking or going on the National Park Service walking tours.

governors island

in the Upper New York Bay
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