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75 guadalcanal

This card has travelled a long way from Oceania, from the island of Guadalcanal, and more exactly - from Honiara, the capital of Solomon Islands.

The islands have been inhabited for thousands of years, but they gained their name only in 1568, when the Spanish traveller Álvaro de Mendaña reached the archipelago, naming it the Islas Salomón after the wealthy biblical King Solomon (assuming that the new land contained great riches). The island of Guadalcanal on the other hand, was named after a town in Andalusia, Spain. It is mostly mountainous and covered with tropical rainforest, which is full of large crocodiles and colourful parrots.

During the Second World War the island was a place of the Operation Watchtower (Battle of Guadalcanal), a military campaign between the Allied forces and the Empire of Japan.

Thank you Echo for this beautiful card!

map source: wikipedia


Solomon Islands
postcard received
distance travelled
sent from
Honiara (capital)

source: Tom Perry
source: Jenny Scott


  1. Są i Wyspy Salomona. Faktycznie, kartka jest wyjątkowa na swój sposób i do tego niestety bez nazwy wyspy. No, ale to chociaż znaczek z nazwą jest ;p



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