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53 lankayan island

This tiny paradise-island is called Lankayan. (yes, the spelling on the card is wrong ;))

As the description on the postcard says "it is a tiny jewel-shaped islands located on the northeastern coast of Sabah, in the Sulu Sea, 1.5hours by speed boat from Sandakan. It is in the Sugud Islands Marine Conservation Area, surrounded by blue-green waters and coral reefs, it is one of Sabah's top diving spots".

Cendy, who sent the card, adds that there are over 20 diving sites, including several wrecks around the island. Lankayan is also nesting site of green and hawksbill turtle. To see how those tiny litle creatures look like releases to the sea on Lankayan, and for some more picture of the island, have a look on this blog post. The island hosts only a dive resort, and seems a perfect destination for a tranquil, relaxing holidays.

Thank you Pooi Ceei for sending this card showing such a beautiful place!


in the Sulu Sea
postcard sent
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Ipoh, Malaysia

source: Jayaraj suppiah
source: Azhar Hussin


  1. Nic dziwnego, że jest to świetne miejsce do nurkowania, skoro woda jest tak zabójczo przejrzysta! Zapewne wyjazd na taką małą wyspę pozostaje długo w pamięci :)



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