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27 saint pierre

Saint Pierre Island is one of the three main islands of Saint Pierre et Miquelon, a territorial overseas collectivity of France, situated near Canada. Although Saint Pierre is the smallest (only 26 square km) it is considered the main island, since it's most populated one. Two other islands - Miquelon and Langlade are connected to each other by a sand isthmus of 12kms.

This intriguing postcard was sent by Amélie, who also took this picture of a Cabestan. She left it for me to discover what a cabestan is, and now I know! - a capstan in english, which is used on sailing ships to apply force to ropes and cables. Interestingly, the sailors would coordinate the rhythm of their movements by singing a particular type of sea shanty as they walked around the capstan. (source)

There was also something else in the envelope, but I will write more about it tomorrow! In the meantime, you can read more about some interesting things to do on Saint Pierre. Thank you so much Amélie for sending this card from your distant island :)

map source: Wikipedia

saint pierre

in the northwestern Atlantic Ocean
biggest town
Saint Pierre
postcard sent
postcard received
distance travelled
sent from
Saint Pierre

source: Gord McKenna
source: Gord McKenna


  1. I never know about this island so this is very nice card :)

  2. Pocztówka z tak mało znanej wyspy to prawdziwy rarytas:)
    Posiadam tylko znaczek pocztowy z tej wyspy.

    1. jak widzisz mi akurat znaczka brak ;)

      mam tylko jeden, który znalazłam gdzieś na pchlim targu
      ale może jeszcze i kiedyś jakiś do mnie dotrze,
      a do Ciebie kartka!



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