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18 shemya

I am pretty sure most people have never heard of Shemya island. It is part of the Near Islands group of the Semichi Islands chain in the Aleutian Islands archipelago, Alaska, US.

This card is from Erik, who currently lives and works there. The island is a government defense location called Eareckson Air Station. No visitors are allowed there without Air Force approval. You can see Erik and his girlfriend Margaryta on the stamp that they've made, and also both pictures on this postcard are taken by Erik.

As it is written on the back of the card, the pictures show "Shemya Island looking west. The next island over is Nizki and then Attu. Attu was held by the Japanese in WWII. On Nizki and Attu "there is always tomorrow". Shemya is the only place on earth where you can see tomorrow". Amazing, thank you so much Erik for sending this card!

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Read more here, about a visit to Shemya.
(there are some more pictures, too!)

source: Rod
source: Rod


  1. Piękna, dzika wysepka. Pozazdrościć pocztówki z takiego miejsca.

    1. też mnie bardzo cieszy :)
      zwłaszcza, że bardzo chciałaby odwiedzić Aleuty, ale na Shemyę
      pewnie bym nie dotarła, z racji jej militarnego charakteru.

  2. Interesting! Inhabitants 30?! :O
    How tiny! And I loved the quote! :D

    1. Yes! :) the only inhabitants are those who work at the Eareckson Air Station.



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