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163 saint helena

This next card has travelled from one of the most remote islands in the world - Saint Helena.

You might know it as the place of Napoleon's exile, Saint Helena is indeed a difficult place to escape from. It is located in the South Atlantic Ocean, more than 2,000 kilometres from the nearest landmass. Until recently, th only way you could get there was by ship, RMS Saint Helena, which runs between St Helena and Cape Town, also visiting Ascension Island. The voyage takes 5 days. However, a couple of years ago British government decided to build an airport on the island, and the first aircraft landed there in 2015.

Jessi, who sent this card wrote that "it shows the Flagstaff Hill and the Barn. The barn is the flat top hill. A man used to live there back in the day. If you go out to his cave today you will see where he used to sleep and all the equipment he used." Thank you so much Jessi for adding this fascinating island to my project!

source: global panorama

st helena

in the South Atlantic Ocean
biggest town
postcard sent
distance travelled

source: Pat Reynolds
source: PRODavid Stanley


  1. In Paris, I went to the exhibition Napoleon in Saint Helena, where I learnt a lot about this island. It was really interesting. But, even with the new airport, I think that the only way I could afford to go there is winning the competition they opened in the exhibition... ;)

    1. Nice of them to have this competition ;) But maybe it's good that it's not so easy to reach those remote islands, (mass) tourism is not always good for such places.

  2. More St. Helena postcards here: http://sainthelenaisland.info/postcards.htm

    1. Thank you for the link, wow, there are so many of them & so interesting :)

  3. Hi Anna,

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  4. Aniu, jestem strasznie ciekawa jak Twój projekt? Czy nadal go realizujesz? :)
    Pamiętam, że jakiś czas temu napisałam maila do organizacji z tej wyspy, ale niestety nie uzyskałam żadnej odpowiedzi do tej pory.

    1. Ostatnio miałam bardzo mało czasu, ale niedługo postaram się uzupełnić stronę, jeszcze tyle kartek czeka! :)
      Domyślam się, że takie małe wyspy mają niestety ogrom zapytań, często to kwestia szczęścia albo trafienia na dobry moment.



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