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143 flowers of japan

Here's another beautiful map sent by Yuko. This time we can see different flowers typical for each region of Japan.

Although Yuko says she prefers white flowers, the country is best know for its blooming cherry trees - Sakura. I had a chance to see lots of cherry trees in Stockholm, but I guess it is nothing compared to how it looks in Japan when the Sakura season comes and everyone enjoy the Hanami - "flower viewing" - having parties under blooming cherry trees or just taking a walk under them.

One flower that is not featured on this map is wisteria, called Fuji in Japanese (but pronounced differently than the mountain). The bizarre looking wisteria trees can be really huge and impressive, and one of the best places to see them is the Ashikaga Flower Park. It's also interesting how there are different types of cherry trees including the Tokyo cherry. If you'd like to know more about different kinds of Japanese flowers and places to see them, have a look here.

And of course, speaking of flowers and Japan, let's not forget the art of arranging flowers, Ikebana.

Again, I love the stamps matching the theme, and also the amazing washi tape, that as we can see, is released only at Osaka central Post Office. Thank you so much Yuko!

flowers of japan

postcard sent
distance travelled

source: Brian Chiu
source: mrhayata


  1. Mail from Japan is really special.

    1. That's true, it's always so beautiful and I love their attention to detail.



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