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141 honshu | mount fuji

Some time ago I was lucky to receive this beautiful card with a matching stamp of Mount Fuji, one of Japan's best known symbols.

The mountain is actually made up of three volcanoes: Komitake at the bottom, Kofuji in the middle and Fuji at the top. It is one of the Three Holy Mountains, however it is not only a sacred place and popular destination for pilgrims, but also an inspiration for numerous artists and poets. In ancient times it was also a place of training for Samurai warriors and Buddhist.
It is also interesting that women were forbidden to climb the mountain until 1868. The first ever person to ascent the volcano is thought to be a monk in 663, while the first woman to do this was Lady Fanny Parkes, wife of a British ambassador, in 1869. Today there are several paths leading to the top, but remember it's only open to climbers from July to September.

Thank you so much Sukie for sending this lovely card!

map source

mount fuji

3,776.24 m
postcard sent

source: Stuart Rankin
source: Hokusai


  1. Tak, tak i jeszcze raz tak :) piękna pocztówka i idealnie dopasowany znaczek ♡



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