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139 sardinia

This next beautiful card was sent to me by Elisabetta from the island of Sardinia.

What you can see here is Cala Goloritze, a beach on the east coast of the island, you can it only reach by sea, or after a 1,5h walk. As Elisabetta wrote "though we have some beautiful landscapes inside of the island, our beaches are what makes us famous".

But the island's name is also well known because of the expression "Sardonic grin". This sinister grimace was created on corpses's faces, by using a potion made of a plant - "water celery" - commonly found on the island. "The Punics were convinced that death was the start of new life, to be greeted with a smile" say researchers. You can read more about the mysterious smiles in the article here or just have a look here to learn more about other reasonns to visit this island.

Thank you so much Elisabetta!

map source


in the Mediterrean Sea
postcard sent
distance travelled
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Cagliari (the capital)

source: Antonio Trogu
source: Franek N


  1. Mam pocztówkę chyba właśnie ze stolicy tej wyspy, jednak kupiłam ją w antykwariacie. Twoja jest niesamowita - aż chciałoby się tam teraz przenieść! I jeszcze trafić na dobrą pogodę :)

    1. Oczywiście chodziło mi o główne miasto na wyspie, a nie stolicę :p

  2. Woow, co za błękit! Pocztówka w sam raz na dzisiejszą szarugę za oknem. Aż chciałabym się teleportować :)



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