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107 abu dhabi

We're now hopping over to United Arab Emirates, country famous for its many artificial islands, especially the Palm Islands in Dubai, but let's focus first on the capital - Abu Dhabi.

Most of the city is placed on a T-shaped island in the Persian Gulf, only 250 metres from the mainland. There are three bridges leading to the island - Maqta, Mussaf and Sheikh Zayed Bridge, the last one designed by the famous architect Zaha Hadid. One of the best known landmarks in Abu Dhabi is the Emirates Palace, that you can see on this card. It is a seven star luxury hotel, often used also as a venue for different art performances, festivals and musical events.

If you look at the map of Abu Dhabi, you will see that there are many small islands surrounding the city, and as the capital's website advertises, they offer everything "from entertainment to culture and luxury, from untouched beaches and wildlife sanctuaries to championship-standard golf facilities".

abu dhabi

United Arab Emirates
in the Persian Gulf
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Abu Dhabi

Thank you for this card Khawla!

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  1. Muszę stwierdzić, że posiadasz same ładne kartki :))

  2. Moje oko zawiesiło się nie na samej budowli, a na kolorach. Ładnie komponuje się woda z tłem i do tego biała ramka, świetna sprawa :)



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