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90 terschelling

Terschelling is another one of the Wadden Sea islands. It is located next to Vlieland, the previous island in the project.

If you visit the island you'll probably have a chance to eat some delicious cakes with cranberries, they are especially popular on Terschelling, grown on a large cranberry fields (the other ones in the Wadden islands are only on Vlieland). Terschelling is also known for the Oerol Festival, with theatre performances that take place all around the island. It's also a perfect place if you like horse riding, surfing, kite-flying or just simply spending time on a beach, some of Terschelling beaches are even 500m wide!

Read more about the island here.

Big thanks to Lars, who sent me this card after visiting Terschelling!

map by: Michiel1972


The Netherlands
in the Wadden Sea
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source: nldazuu.com
source: Nils van Rooijen


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