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83 west lake islands, hangzhou

This time - something different! As I've said before, although the project is primarily about things sent directly from islands, there are still many fascinating islands without post offices, and I would like include at least some of them in here. We've already had a river island, and now it's time for lake islands.

West Lake is located in the city of Hangzhou in China; there are numerous temples, pagodas and gardens within the lake, and as you can see on the map there are a few islands too. They are all artificial, two main ones are called Xuxin Ting and Xiao Ying Zhou, and they were created in the Ming Dynasty. There are also three causeways on the lake, the most interesting is probably the circular one leading from south to west outside the island Xiao Ying Zhou, creating a unique view of "Island in Lake, Lake in Island".

The lake's natural beauty has been an inspiration for many Chinese poets, painters and garden designers.

In 2011 West Lake was made a UNESCO World Heritage Site, because it "reflects an idealized fusion between humans and nature", and "it has influenced garden design in the rest of China as well as Japan and Korea over the centuries".

west lake, hangzhou

in the Zhejiang province
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Thank you Xuan Xiao!

source: David Almeida
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