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78 barry island

Shwmae! This is how people say hello in Wales, where this next card is from. It is actually a quite special card, as it has travelled from an ex-island! (the second one in my project – do you remember the first one?)

It was a real island until the 1880s, when the nearby town, Barry, started expanding and the island got connected to the mainland. The card says that "this seaside resort on the southern tip of Wales welcomes visitors to its large sandy beach and summer fun." Susie, who has sent this card, added also that Wales rarely has beach weather and the days when Barry was popular are already gone, but that the island is still beautiful. For many years the biggest attraction on the island was the Barry Island Pleasure Park, which opened in 1897 (and closed in 2014).

To learn more about Barry, visit this website, or watch an episode of British TV series Gavin and Stacey, filmed on the island.

barry island

Wales, UK
in the Vale of Glamorgan
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The beautiful stamp is a part of a series about seaside architecture, and shows a pier in another city in Wales, Bangor. Susie was also so kind to take this card to Barry island post office, to get it hand stamped! Thank you :)!

source: Elio Assuncao
source: Dave Roberts


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