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73 prince of wales island

Two more beautiful cards from Prince of Wales Island!

The first card shows Aurora Borealis - "the Northern Lights", one of many Alaskan wonders. As you can see it may be really colourful, with green, red purple, blue or orange. Sometimes you can even hear it pop and snap. I've seen northern lights once when I was in Iceland, and it was truly amazing, athough not as strong as the one on this Alaskan postcard.

The second card shows polar bears, and as Dixie wrote, there are 3 type of bears in Alaska: "the awesome polar bear, the great grizzly bear and the beautiful black bear". Prince of Wales island is full of black bears, and they often come even right into people's yards. They have even visited Dixie's house, broke the windows in the truck to get the dog crackers, and came to the deck to take some BBQ down to the yard and chew on it!

It sounds scary, but as Dixie says, they are actually not too dangerous if you just leave them alone.

map source: wikipedia

prince of wales island

in the Alexander Archipelago
biggest town
postcard sent
postcard received
distance travelled
sent from
Craig, Alaska

source: Stephen Hearn
source: Steve


  1. Zdecydowanie zbyt duża dawka świetnych kartek jednego dnia :D Tak duża zazdrość nie jest wskazana xd Ja mam kartkę z Kodiak (czy jak to się tam odmienia), ale bez tak interesujących znaczków z napisem "Alaska" ;)

  2. Such beautiful cards and stamps! I'd really love to see the northern lights someday



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