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51 outlying islands of taiwan

This next card shows (as its title says) "the beauty of Outlying islands of Taiwan" and more precisely the beauty of Mau-Gong-Shi coast of Lesser Kinmen island.

There are actually 121 small islands around Taiwan, administratively they are divided into 7 groups, but they are also very diverse and as I've read on this page they can be also characterised as five different types:

  • Near-shore continental islands:
  • 13 Kinmen islands and 19 Matzu islands

  • Mid-oceanic archipelagos:
  • Penghu Archipelago (the Pescadores) - 64 small islands

  • Remote oceanic islands:
  • Green Island (Lutao) and Orchid Island (Lanyu)

  • Near-shore or connected islands:
  • Liuchiuyu, Turtle Island, 4 Keelung Islands

  • Remote, uninhabited islands:
  • 8 volcanic Diaoyutai Islands, Pratas Atoll (Tungsha), Taiping Island, Spratly Atoll (Nansha).

The Kinmen island, that you can see on this postcard, is located close to China, and as I can read in the back of the card, it was an important military place. That is why there are lots of bullets on the island, which are now used to make knives. Other famous thing from this island is Sorghum liquor (Kinmen Kaoliang Liquor), which is apparently very popular among Chinese tourists :).

Photo on the card was taken by Kovis photography.
It shows "the oyster picker, who under the hot sun, keeps talking about the hot weather while walking towards the sea".

Big thanks to WeiShan for sending this postcard and for introducing the beautiful and diverse outlying islands of Taiwan.

source: photor432
source: Ryno du Plessis


  1. Jaki prześliczny znaczek! Jego kolorystyka jest oszałamiająca - takie ciepłe barwy i do tego taki widoczek - zarówno na samym znaczku, jak i na pocztówce :)

    1. Prawda :) Mi też bardzo podoba się naklejka Air Mail!



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