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49 taiwan

This beautiful map card shows you some of the animals unique for Taiwan.

The colourful bird is the Mikado pheasant, and as I can read on the back of the card "it can be often found in the middle/high altitude mountains; once it has been seen in the altitude of ~3850 meters, the highest inhabitation for birds. They are one of the endangered species". Other animals that you can see on Taiwan are e.g. the Formosan Rock Macaque, the Taiwan Blue Magpie, and endangered species such as Taiwanese white dolphins or Formosan black bears - island's national symbol. You can read more about Taiwan endangered species in this BBC article.

Wei Shan, who sent the card, wrote also a bit about the night markets, that I've mentioned before. Wei Shan loves visiting them, because you can not only go shopping, but also eat lots of delicious food. She comes from Taichung, which is the home of famous 'pearl milk tea'. Here you can find a recipe for this delicious drink!

Thank you Wei Shan for sending this lovely card from your island!

source: Hiyashi Haka
source: Shenghung Lin


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    1. I agree! And there is more animal stamps in this series! :)

  2. Znaczki z pandami chyba nigdy mi się nie znudzą <3



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