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23 taiwan

Taiwan is full of kind people who wanted to contribute to my project! This is not the first, and not the last postcard from this island and it's really great, because with every card I get to know a bit more about the island. This time we have a cute drawn map of Taiwan, with some of the most important sights and events marked, like Sun Moon Lake, Kenting National Park or the Tung Blossom of Hakka Festival.

Big thanks to Melanie for sending this card from the capital - Taipei. On the back of the card there is also closer view of the Taipei 101 building. This large skyscraper has 101 floors (and 5 under ground) and until 2010 was the highest building in the world (509 m). As Melanie added, the 86th floor has some nice restaurants, I bet the views are amazing!


Taiwan (R.O.C)
about 161 km from China's coast
over 23,000,000
biggest town
postcard sent
postcard received
distance travelled

source: king.f
source: Alex Lin



My big dream is to receive postcards sent from every island in the world (at least those that have a postbox). If you would like to help me, please contact me at letters.from.islands@gmail.com.

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